The Silence of Growing

Installation, 2018

I played piano for over 15 years, but having to grow up, university, work, and changing my routine made me completely abandon it. 

The energy that is used for one area is being used for another. This destruction and reconstruction loop is a violent circle that re-imagines itself around each major progression in life, the broken, yet whole people we become through the value systems we develop in.

In the installation, an eerie and unsettling sound comes out of the piano's leftovers. It's the instrument being dismantled, broken into pieces to later become a barely functional table. Like growing up, the table is unstable, and from it the sound of a lost piano melody that I played when I was younger. You can still hear the past in that table that tries to be complete. On the wall, screen prints of the dismantling process are printed on copper plates.

My work uses this perspective to represent the growth from child to adult, in the modern world. Using traditional print making, sculpture, and sound I try to create an environment that the viewer can fall into and experience my thoughts. From this the audience become active participants in the process of the work.

The silence of growing in a world so loud.