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Andrea Calabró Alegría

Is a Visual Artist and Printmaker based in Dublin

Andrea Calabró is a graduate of the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. She is a visual artist and a print maker. She uses her practice as a lens to challenge and present a narrative that is common to all. The function of an artist is that of a storyteller. It’s a universal story, and in that, she uses nostalgia as a tool to trigger the past of the viewer, and the past of society. Enhancing little things from the every day life, making them more interesting is something Andrea is passionate about.

halftone 3.jpg

Latest Exhibitions

Halftone / 2021

Library Project, Dublin

Meet the Artist / 2021

Turquoise Café Gallery, Roundwood

Silence / 2021

Graphic Studio Gallery, Dublin

Black Church Editions / 2021

Library Project, Dublin

Halftone / 2020

Library Project, Dublin

Black Church Editions / 2020

Library Project, Dublin

Narrating the New Normal / 2020

Virtual Exhibition

Get your head in the clouds / 2019

Clockwork Door, Dublin

NCAD Graduate Show / 2018

National College of Art and Design, Dublin

BYOA: Photography / 2017

Yellow Box, Dublin

Denouement / 2017

Steambox, Dublin

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