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Hard Back

Drypoint etching, 2016

Adventure - Night - Copy.jpg
Adventure - Day.jpg

Moving to a different country can bring you many emotions, some good and some bad. 

In this project I was trying to represent the different emotions people feel when they emigrate: the sense of Adventure, the Worry, the Happiness and the feeling of being Homesick

I created a character to embody each one of them. A Wolf that walks beside you during the Adventure, excited for what's coming; a Shadow with long fingers that tries fill your head with Worries; a Doll filled with stuff you like, the things that make you Happy; and a Monster for your nightmares made with the things you miss from the country you left behind, dripping like the tears on your face when you're Homesick.

All of these trying to emulate the illustration style of old storybooks for children, like an epic tale that you will tell your children so they understand the things you've been through.

Airplane 1.jpg
Dormida 1.jpg
Dormida 2.jpg
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