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Screen print, 2020-21

Umbrellas colorfull litttle boy child

The 'Imagine-brella' series embodies the mind of children and their use of imagination. By taking a common object linked to gloomy, grey days - the umbrella, the work transforms the everyday into a gust of power, creativity and colour. This piece allows us to see through the eyes of the child, creating a glimpse into the world of endless possibilities and fun.


Now more than ever, when we are going through hard times, children are also affected by this situation, and they need a way to escape reality. With the 'Imagine-brella' series I am trying to capture this escapism that children create in their minds and bringing it to reality.

Umbrella Stars Rain Girl Child
Umbrella Bubble Bath Baby Child Pink Blue
Umbrella Flying boy child birds
Umbrella Snorkelling girl child fish
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