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Screen print, 2020-21

Imagine-brella 1 lower resolution.jpg

The 'Imagine-brella' series embodies the mind of children and their use of imagination. By taking a common object linked to gloomy, grey days - the umbrella, the work transforms the everyday into a gust of power, creativity and colour. This piece allows us to see through the eyes of the child, creating a glimpse into the world of endless possibilities and fun.


Now more than ever, when we are going through hard times, children are also affected by this situation, and they need a way to escape reality. With the 'Imagine-brella' series I am trying to capture this escapism that children create in their minds and bringing it to reality.

red cheeks.jpg
Imagine-brella 3.jpg
Imagine-brella 4 for rha.jpg
Imagine-brella 5.jpg
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