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Screen print, 2021 - 22

tulips edited.jpg
tulips edited outline.jpg

This screen print series elevates the idea of repurposing. Even though recycling is on everyone’s lips at the moment, it is still seen as something not very classy. I wanted to break away from that perception and give it a more conceptual angle.

A classical picture of still life, flowers, is erected on recycled prints, something not usually seen in the high-class mansions. The flowers still designed in a more modern style to show the progression of our society towards a more environmentally friendly outlook.

This screen print was created with several layers that provide dimension and texture. Only if you look closely, you will be able to see the ghostly shadows of the past images.

As someone who dislikes wasting anything, with perhaps some hoarding tendencies, I have accumulated a very large number of prints throughout the years of my art practice. Either out of sentimentality or feeling bad for disposing artwork, I was left with many screen prints that I didn’t like anymore and were catching dust in a drawer to never be seen again. Those served as the base for this project.

The election of the flowers was based on my childhood. I grew up in a forest and I was surrounded by nature every day. Some of these flowers we grew in the garden, others meant something to me and my family, or others I enjoyed picking up while on our walks through the woods.

sunflowers white.jpg

Here you can see the details of the shadows:

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