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Can you stop nature?

Screen print, 2016

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In "Can you stop nature?" the question is posed not only to us as people, but to nature itself. This conflict between the manufactured, ordered world and the natural one becomes the focus of the image as a traffic light is dwarfed by the constant growth of nature. 


For this series, I was observing how nature seems to crawl everywhere it can: little cracks on the streets, the corners of buildings, and even street sewers. On the other hand, humans have been trying to fight nature for generations, by destroying it and building on top of it. I wanted to reflect this constant fight that humans and nature have, one trying to win over the other.

By using silkscreen print as the medium the image has a photographic quality that connects two worlds, while retaining their opposing forms.

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Can you stop nature? Yellow
Cone and Leaves
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